Our greatest compliment is a satisfied client

We strive to provide exceptional, relationship-based service to clients and candidates.

At ICAP, we pride ourselves on attracting and retaining candidates using proven systems and relationship-building, to ascertain a cultural fit, superior benefits, and potential growth.

Making a successful connection is our number one priority.

Candidate Testimonials

ICAP is a well managed company with excellent support personnel and an incredible leader in Barry. They offer the same support as larger consulting firms like 401K and insurance but with the added benefits of hometown culture. ICAP promotes a self-starter environment which promotes autonomy and respect. As a consultant at ICAP, I feel highly valued, like part of an extended family or as ICAP says the “Tribe.” At larger consulting firms, one can often feel like a name or number but that is not the case at ICAP.
Tony Jones
Tony J.
Information & Change Management Professional
I’ve spent more time with ICAP than any other company in my career, supporting multiple state agencies. The values at ICAP stand out in the contracting culture because they truly care about their people. I have felt valued and respected since day one. They find personalized ways to show each employee that we matter in efforts that outshine other companies. At ICAP, I know I’m more than just another face; I’m a valued member of the team.
Sarah E.
IT Compliance Specialist and Technical Writer
ICAP is unique in that they are not a “body shop” looking to grow their business through the sheer volume of consultants they can place. Instead, their focus is on finding an ideal match meeting the needs of the customer and the career goals and expertise of their associates. ICAP cares about their team members and they focus on attracting and retaining top talent and go the extra mile to regularly reach out and solicit feedback and improvement opportunities from their team members. They are never content with the status quo. I would highly recommend ICAP to any of my friends or colleagues looking for their next opportunity.
Will Sprang
Will S.
Vice President & CIO
I always have the best experience with ICAP solutions. The staff are very nice, prompt, and professional. I would be happy to refer them to a friend. If you are looking for a fantastic vendor then look no further, they are AWESOME!!
Sunanda B.
With other firms, my role would be embedded in the IT operations of that respective company. ICAP is recognized as a consulting partner rather than staff augmentation. ICAP creates an environment for high functioning consultants by providing support when needed but still allowing independence. The freedom that is given allows me creativity in the workplace and promotes increased self-advocacy.
Mark Robertson
Mark R.
ICAP Consultant, SAP Public Sector / Release Management
I love your new Tech Leaders Talk podcast. It is a good initiative that hopefully will make a positive impact on other people's lives.
ICAP Consultant
ICAP has been super helpful from job placement to helping with day to day human resources requests. Barry and Tina are always very quick to respond to any email or phone call and have helped manage and set expectations with my contract. When working for other staffing/consulting firms in the past, I had a couple bad experiences, but that couldn't be farther from the truth at ICAP. I would strongly recommend ICAP to anyone looking for a contract position in IT. The client they placed me to work for has great projects and opportunities — I have also been fortunate to learn and grow in this position with support from the ICAP team. I am looking forward to more GIS work through ICAP and hope to continue working with their great team in the future.
Chris P.
Senior GIS Consultant
It's such an honor to be a member of a dynamic and intelligent team of professionals. ICAP supports their employees' work endeavors while tailor fitting employers with staff to meet their ultimate needs. ICAP's white glove approach to customer service is phenomenal. Everyone is important at ICAP. The company's successful track record proves this, and it stands the test of time.
Nancy S.
Senior Project Manager
Working with ICAP is like working with family. Their leadership team goes above and beyond in making people feel heard and appreciated. I'm always happy to hear from and work with them. The level of professionalism and personal support provided by ICAP is unmatched by their competition. I would tell anyone looking for a new opportunity that ICAP has been incredibly supportive of my career development journey and they are an invaluable partner.
Jon V.
Application Development - Software Engineer
This is much more than I would have ever expected as a contractor - y'all have really gone out of your way to make us feel as if we are part of the iCap tribe and part of a singular team as opposed a bunch of decentralized consultants thrown out to the wolves of the workplace…I really can't properly express my gratitude for the opportunities, benefits, and treatments you and the rest of the iCap family have so generously given. I look forward to continuing to represent the company in all the time ahead of us.
ICAP Consultant

Client Testimonials

Over the years, I’ve had many staff augmentation firms provide candidates in response to contract positions. Without hesitation, I highly recommend the team at Intellectual Capital (ICAP). Barry Newkirk and the team seem to always be able to bring the individual that is best suited for the opportunity. If you want to reduce your recruiting time, work with the team at ICAP.
Charleston County School District has been partnered with ICAP for almost a decade. As the second largest school district in the State, having staff that is experienced in an enterprise environment is hard to find and retain. Through our relationship with ICAP, we have been able to fill a critical position. After many years of advertising ourselves, ICAP was able to step in and find a perfect fit for our team. It is so nice having a team that listens to the precise needs of our organization and then finds the right person for that need. I highly recommend ICAP for your staffing needs.
Tom Nawrocki
Executive Director of Information Technology, Charleston County School District
The ICAP team has always been professional, expedient, and fun to work with. Barry is well connected, and he follows through when he says he’s going to help with something. Whether it’s helping to make connections, setting up meetings, or finding the right resources for a project, ICAP makes a great partner. They do what they say they’re going to do and hold themselves accountable to a high standard of delivery — they are well-connected, well-respected, all around just good people with a good reputation in the public sector industry and niched expertise.
Deirdre M.
Partnering with ICAP since 2O2O
I had the pleasure of working with ICAP when seeking to fill local staff positions for a four year contract. They always quickly provided high quality candidates and I filled a number of positions over the contract period with great contractors. I’m particularly impressed with how ICAP treats their associates. They welcomed new associates with gift packages and held professional development and social events to make sure they felt connected. Not only did they periodically check in with me to make sure the associates were meeting their responsibilities but expressed equal concern that their associates were enjoying their position and successful. I recommend ICAP for any staffing needs, whether locally or remotely supported. The recruiters worked hard to make sure they understood the skills and experience needed for a given position, then often provided candidates that exceeded the qualifications. I look forward to the opportunity to work with ICAP again in the future.
Lonna Peterson
Business Consulting Director, NTT DATA
Over the past decade, I have utilized ICAP for my staffing requirements for multiple IT positions in both large enterprise and medium sized business roles. During that time, I have developed a great partnership and have grown to rely heavily on that relationship for the service that ICAP and all of their professional staff offer. One aspect of IT recruitment that sets ICAP way above other staffing companies is that they really take the time to ‘dig in’ and get a comprehensive understanding of my position’s requirements; both the technical and just as important, the human aspects. Every company has a different culture and ICAP makes a deliberate effort to ensure their candidates will fit well. Whenever I work with ICAP staff, I get the distinct feeling that I am their ONLY client and that all of their staff and resources are laser focused on finding the absolute best fit for the position I am trying to fill. And let me tell you, they get it right 99% of the time! The large percentage of the highest performing employees and contractors that I have hired came from an ICAP placement the first time. They vet their candidates! Because ICAP spends so much effort on vetting and matching the requirements, I have saved an abundance of time with my searches for the right candidates. From initial contact, to the first of many conversations with staff to gather my requirements to billing and tracking, it is always a smooth process from beginning to end every time. I have recommended ICAP to many of my co-workers, friends and peers over the years and I tell them all the same thing: “Go with ICAP, they do it right and they will find you the right candidate trust me!” They haven’t been disappointed.
Christopher Lienau
IT Manager & ICAP Client
We greatly value our relationship with ICAP as a corporate partner because they have always been responsive and accommodating to our needs and have shown genuine concern when it comes to helping their clients. This ICAP team is always professional and personable — we look forward to working with them on our future tech staffing needs.
SC Higher Education IT Executive
Working with ICAP is always a pleasure. This is a team that truly invests the time and attention to understand the needs of their clients. I always know that ICAP has our best interest in mind.
Dan Rundle
CEO, Worthwhile
ICAP has been a reliable partner for SC-DSS for several years by providing top-notch technical resources who have played and continue to play key roles on the delivery of IT projects, and maintenance and operations of critical IT systems for the citizens of South Carolina. We value the groundwork ICAP undergoes to identify, evaluate and put forward the IT talent that fits our culture and become immediate contributors to our team.
Jose Encarnacion
IT Director, SC Department of Social Services
Thank you so much for taking the time to chat about my strengths and the strategies and tactics you offered were incredibly helpful. I feel more confident in how I can better use my strengths and see so much more opportunity and potential because of your help.
Chamber Executive


ICAP is excited to offer a NEW Candidate Referral Bonus Program beginning in 2024!
A $1000 bonus will be paid to anyone who refers a candidate who is subsequently placed via Intellectual Capitol. Alternatively, in lieu of the bonus paid to you, ICAP can contribute $1,000 to a charity of your choice. 
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