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We focus on quality over quantity. Every single time.

Our clients require specialists, not generalists to address their technology needs. In a market with increasingly competitive salaries and benefits, we pride ourselves on attracting and retaining candidates using proven systems and relationship-building, to ascertain a cultural fit, superior benefits, and potential growth. 

The ICAP Difference

Our high-touch, relationship-based approach is critical to ensuring we can match the right candidates with the right opportunities. 

We focus on developing relationships with top-tier technology talent, ensuring we understand individual skill sets and career goals. This process allows us to develop a trusted partnership. In turn, our client base receives committed talent that is focused on project goals.

I had the pleasure of working with ICAP when seeking to fill local staff positions for a four year contract. They always quickly provided high quality candidates and I filled a number of positions over the contract period with great contractors. I’m particularly impressed with how ICAP treats their associates. They welcomed new associates with gift packages and held professional development and social events to make sure they felt connected. Not only did they periodically check in with me to make sure the associates were meeting their responsibilities but expressed equal concern that their associates were enjoying their position and successful. I recommend ICAP for any staffing needs, whether locally or remotely supported. The recruiters worked hard to make sure they understood the skills and experience needed for a given position, then often provided candidates that exceeded the qualifications. I look forward to the opportunity to work with ICAP again in the future.
Lonna Peterson

Our Process

We recognize that today’s candidates are attracted to roles where they can do work that matters. They want to be put in a place where they can be successful and be challenged. To ensure a successful match, we utilize the following process.

Our Recruiting Process

Process illustration

Initiate: We take a deep dive to ensure a comprehensive understanding of our client’s Talent needs.

Collaborate: We work closely with you and your team to understand the nuance and specific expertise needed to exceed expectations. We ask targeted questions to dig into the nitty-gritty details and day-to-day needs of each role.

Curate: We identify a small group of well-experienced and successful tech candidates whose experience fits your needs.

Authenticate: We validate each candidate’s individual skillset, work ethic, communication style, team orientation and professional philosophy to ensure a match that goes beyond what’s on their resume.

Present: We put forth a well-researched recommendation of the top three candidates who best match your needs and let you decide the next steps.

ICAP is unique in that they are not a “body shop” looking to grow their business through the sheer volume of consultants they can place instead their focus is on finding an ideal match meeting the needs of the customer and the career goals and expertise of their associates. ICAP cares about their team members and they focus on attracting and retaining top talent and go the extra mile to regularly reach out and solicit feedback and improvement opportunities from their team members. They are never content with the status quo. I would highly recommend ICAP to any of my friends or colleagues looking for their next opportunity.
Will Sprang
Will Sprang


ICAP is excited to offer a NEW Candidate Referral Bonus Program beginning in 2024!
A $1000 bonus will be paid to anyone who refers a candidate who is subsequently placed via Intellectual Capitol. Alternatively, in lieu of the bonus paid to you, ICAP can contribute $1,000 to a charity of your choice. 
Want to learn more? Or have someone in mind to refer for an open position?

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