Selecting a COTS System?

If you’re selecting a piece of technology to further automate your business processes, we’ve got a few suggestions based on our experience with clients: 1. Ensure your manual processes are documented well. In order to properly ascertain whether the software solves a problem, business processes must be documented to the fullest extent within the organization. […]

Hiring Amongst High Unemployment

As organizations and companies begin to stabilize (hopefully) soon, hiring practices may shift and change. Lots may be hiring remotely with most adapting to the weird time we’re collectively in. You also might be under an avalanche of resumes. A couple core principles in hiring principles we’re reflecting on right now are below: Weed Out […]

Remote Interview for Job Seekers

We do a lot of recruiting, vetting, and hiring for clients all over the country. We’ve employed a couple of different strategies to prepare candidates for interviews. We compiled these to share with you because everyone deserves a shot to get closer to their goals, land their dream job, and land at a company they […]

Remote Hiring: Takeaways and Suggestions

As 2020 dawned, we at ICAP were exploring remote work and remote interviewing. We work with clients all over the country and we’ve utilized some of these tactics before and we wanted to share it. ICAP put together some key takeaways for remote hiring in this context or if this makes sense to implement for […]

You’re Not Looking for a Job… Are You?

At Capitol Staffing, we spend a lot of time on the phone. Talking to candidates, leaving kitschy voicemails, sending emails. You know. Recruiting things. Last week, we ran into a couple of potential candidates who stated “I really love my job and I’m not looking for anything new,” which we don’t hear a whole lot. […]

Turning Barriers into Opportunities

According to PTC’s Report on Digital Transformation (great read, get access to it here), lack of internal knowledge and skills often prevent corporations from taking advantage of IoT and digital transformation said 38% of the survey respondents. At Capitol Staffing, we’ve experienced similar situations with clients big and small. As CIOs and executives become more […]

Create Safety in Chaos

In reading Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020 (click here to download), we were struck by the third implication: “increasing agility.” Obviously, digital transformation and technological innovation will never go away. As we’re talking about digital transformation, it’s not a buzzword or something that only tech people say. It’s about business strategy and […]

3 Tips for Working with Recruiters During Your Job Hunt

If you’re an IT professional, recruiters call you. Email you. Even text you. Anytime a job opens with your skill set, you get lots of notifications. Recruiters and staffing companies serve a purpose in the marketplace. They can open doors and have deep ties to great companies. We know. We are one. A couple of […]