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Woo in Action
– In social situations, you help put more reserved people at ease. For example, someone with Relator could benefit from your natural ability to mingle in large groups. On the other hand, they can help solidify relationships with the people you meet.
– Explain to others that networking is a part of who you are. If you don’t claim this theme, others might mistake it for insincerity and question why you are being so friendly.

Woo in Careers
– You will gain the most energy from a job that allows you to interact with people most of the day.
– Jobs that require the skill of persuasion would be a great fit for you. You have the natural ability to influence others.
– Join local organizations and volunteer for boards; you will enjoy meeting so many new people and it will grow your professional network.
– Careers to consider might be entertainment, corporate training, sales, and public relations.


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