What a Great Question: Interviewing your Prospective Hiring Manager

Here are Four Questions to ask while You’re being Interviewed:

  • Why do you need to hire for this role?
  • What is the relationship this role has to other lines of business within the organization?
  • What characteristics do you look for in employees that make them great members of the team?
  • A question specific to research you’ve done on the company. Ex: a candidate once asked ICAP about our website and volunteered some observations about tone and content. (We hired that candidate.)

Here’s why that’s important:

Having a couple of really great questions means you prepared, showcases your professionalism, and that you have spent time envisioning yourself in the organization. Organizations need for talent and technical skills. They also need people willing to buy-in to the company, work well with others, and contribute above and beyond.

Show you can do both.

Happy Job Hunting! – Capitol Staffing Team

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