Turning Barriers into Opportunities

According to PTC’s Report on Digital Transformation (great read, get access to it here), lack of internal knowledge and skills often prevent corporations from taking advantage of IoT and digital transformation said 38% of the survey respondents.

At Capitol Staffing, we’ve experienced similar situations with clients big and small. As CIOs and executives become more digitally driven and aware, typically they overcome this barrier in a couple of different ways:

-They hire a recruiting firm. (Full disclosure: we’re partial to this option. We’re a staffing company.)

Why this makes sense: Successful corporations focus energy and resources into what brings in revenue. They know in order to grow and innovate that acquiring the right people is critical to their success. They’re open to collaborating and conversing about planning, compensation, and timelines, but some of them would rather have a specialist focus on attracting talent, who has deep relationships to the market.

-They hire a high-powered technical recruiter.

Why this makes sense: Having an internal person to bridge the gap between technical hiring and a company who may not understand what that requires can be a huge asset. Generally, technical recruiters with over 5 years of experience really add lots of value to teams and they’re comfortable intaking and explaining difficult technical information to non-technical people and vice versa.

-They disrupt their entire hiring process.

Why this makes sense: FYI – this is the hardest and most difficult of the three choices. Because of automation and analytics, recruiting companies and corporations have unique opportunities to create new procedures in their hiring process based on data. Corporations could allow marketing, HR, and data analytics portions of the company to design a hiring process, which would allow them to use their full arsenal of tools: branding, social media, requirements, policies and procedures, and analytics.

Corporations certainly have the power to turn this barrier into an opportunity, which could yield some incredible results.

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