Strategic 3.0

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Strategic in Action

  • Strategic has the natural ability to sort through clutter and dead end paths to find the best route forward. This skill is a way of thinking, not something that can be taught. What may seem to be an overly complex issue to some, is simply a pattern to be recognized for someone with Strategic.
  • Strategic is an intuitive talent. Allow yourself time for mental exercise – it will sharpen your strategic thinking skills and refine your ability to anticipate obstacles.

Strategic in Careers

  • The beauty of Strategic is its ability to excel in a variety of career paths. This talent comes into play in how you approach all situations.
  • Overly structured environments may be frustrating for someone with Strategic. Look for careers that challenge your mind and encourage creative thought and flexibility.
  • Seek work environments that care more about results than procedures. You will find the route to your goals, you just need freedom to navigate the course.
  • Careers to consider are those in psychology, law, and consulting.


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