The Citadel

The Citadel worked with Capitol Software to develop a fully integrated system that manages the entire “cadet experience” for each and every student at The Military College of South Carolina.  The Cadet Accountability System or “CAS” is a web delivered system that can be accessed by any device (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone, etc.). The CAS is the definitive enterprise system that tracks each and every Cadet’s life at The Citadel – The Military College of South Carolina.

birds eye view of the citadel property

Cadet Experience

Key Modules deployed are:

The Citadel had a decades-old, paper system to keep track of the highly disciplined, daily life of each of the 2,000 cadets enrolled.   Using a SCRUM/Agile Approach, ICAP’s team went through many discovery sessions with The Commandant’s Department, all academic departments and virtually every area of the college to determine the proper design for a new 21st century system.

The Citadel needed an integrated, enterprise-level, singular solution to track the cadet experience.

Our internal software team worked to identify business needs, produce the concept for the various solution areas, analysis, design, installation, implementation, testing and training for the applications with cadenced review and approval meetings.

Upon the Go-Live date, The Citadel’s system optimized productivity, allowed access to the CAS System in order for multiple user’s access to the database tracking cadet experience, and integrated multiple interfaces into a single solution. 


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