ADOS - Avery Dennison Operational System

Avery Dennison worked with Capitol Software to get their business systems (Inventory, Production, Finance & Logistics) migrated from a Legacy technology platform to an industry standard Microsoft .NET platform.  The client was in the early stages of migrating their entire ERP system company-wide, from one platform to another industry leading platform.  

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ERP Conversion

During the ‘ERP Conversion’, the Avery Dennison Leadership team recognized that their core systems were not technically stable and were not able to integrate, migrate or convert the key data into the upcoming ERP system.

Avery Dennison’s core business systems were highly unstable and were not able to be converted into the new ERP Platform. ICAP deployed a handpicked, select team of our lead developers, who had key experience in high output manufacturing and enterprise technology solutions, to stabilize their core business systems in order to convert them to a new platform.

Our small team spent significant time with Avery Dennison creating a Fit Gap Analysis, based on the client’s needs and technology choices.  All the Stakeholders (Avery Dennison, ERP Vendor and the ERP Consulting firm) worked in deep collaboration to reach the goal of stabilization, modernization and integration within the 12 month timeframe needed.

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