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Significance in Action

  • The theme of Significance is a driver – a driver toward success and away from mediocrity.
  • By nature, Significance is independent. It flourishes when it is able to chart its own course and earn a reputation of quality. As an influencing theme, it needs people, projects, or ideas to push towards excellence worthy of recognition.
  • You blossom in the spotlight. While others may be overwhelmed in the center of attention, you possess the inner drive to put yourself out there for a cause.

Significance in Careers

  • Seek careers that allow you to make an extraordinary contribution. You desire to leave a legacy will fuel motivation in your work.
  • A position that allows you to receive recognition for a job well done will bring out your best. This isn’t an aspect of yourself to shy away from; rather, it allows you to perform at your maximum potential.
  • It is likely important to you to work with people you respect, are professional, credible, and successful. Being around quality energizes you. Take into consideration the reputation of companies or organizations that interest you.

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