Restorative 3.0

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Restorative in Action

  • Individuals with Restorative enjoy the challenge of analyzing symptoms, identifying what ails, and finding the solution.
  • Your surrounding themes will determine your preference of problems – practical, conceptual, or personal. Regardless of the type of issue, you enjoy bringing things back to life.
  • Remember to give yourself a break. Individuals with strong Restorative talents tend to be overly self-critical. Try redirecting this theme toward objective things about yourself that can be fixed, such as knowledge or skill – not personal talent – or toward external, tangible problems.

Restorative in Careers

  • Individuals with Restorative often love self-analysis. If you are considering a career change, complete career assessments and other resources to begin the process of elimination and help narrow down your career goals.
  • Seek roles in which you are paid to solve problems. Careers to consider are those in medicine, consulting, computer programming, or customer service – areas in which your success depends on your ability to restore and resolve.
  • Volunteer in organizations that are meaningful to you. Not only will the experience better equip you to hone your career exploration, but you will breathe new life into these organizations that may lack your natural problem-solving abilities.


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