Responsibility 3.0

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Responsibility in Action

  • Individuals with Responsibility take psychological ownership of what they say they will do. Their conscientiousness and drive to “do things right” make people with this theme incredibly dependable.
  • Put yourself out there to take on responsibilities that may seem just outside of your experience. You have the natural talent to follow through and do an excellent job.
  • On the other hand, practice saying “no.” You likely take on more than your fair share, so ensure that you are selective and only commit to what matters most to you.

Responsibility in Careers

  • Because you don’t require much supervision to get a job done, select a career path that will allow you to be given more and more responsibility as you progress.
  • It is likely important for you to be on a team of trusted people who pull their weight. Take this into consideration as you consider opportunities and the reputations of teams.
  • Individuals with Responsibility may be frustrated by having to manage others, as other people will likely not possess the same standards of work and commitment.
  • Positions for consideration may be law clerk, librarian, and executive assistant.


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