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Relator in Action
– You need honesty in your friendships. True caring is helping another person towards becoming successful and fulfilled. Your ability to give honest feedback or encouragement is how you demonstrate care for others.
– You appreciate character and personality rather than status or job title. This strength can serve as a model for others.
– When someone lets you down, you take it seriously, and may be reluctant to renew the relationship. Honor your caution, but don’t allow it to prevent you from extending trust again.

Relator in Careers
– A workplace environment that encourages friendships is where you will thrive. You would likely not do well in an overly formal organization. In a job interview, inquire about the company’s culture and present work styles.
– In whichever career field you are in, be sure you meet regularly with a mentor you trust. Having a close relationship with someone who can lend you wisdom and expertise will be of great value to you, both personally and in your career.
– Look into the work of counselors, teachers, school administrators, mediators, human resource directors, and other fields revolving around helping others.


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