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Maximizer in Action

  • When you see glimpses of excellence or strength, you are energized by an opportunity to nurture and grow the strengths into something superb. This approach applies to any aspect of your life, whether it’s with people or projects.
  • Because you prefer capitalizing on strengths rather than trying to fix weaknesses, you are naturally selective. You prefer opportunities and people with strong potential and enjoy using your influence to cultivate exceptional performance.

Maximizer in Careers

  • Being a part of an organization that is known for being among the best in the field will give you energy. A workplace with low standards would frustrate you.
  • Maximizer needs the opportunity to continually improve. Look for environments that encourage discovering “best practices” and appreciate your ability to identify potential.
  • Consider careers that help others succeed such as management, coaching, teaching, and other leadership positions. As an influencing talent, Maximizer needs the opportunity to lead others into becoming their best self.


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