Maintaining Connection to a Remote Workforce

At ICAP, our business relies on a remote workforce. As a staffing company, our philosophy revolves around service: service to our clients, to our consultants, and to the end-user.

With a remote workforce, intentionality creates trust and open communication, which can be challenging for organizations. ICAP created different ways to remain connected. We’ve curated a few of those below:

Investing in events within the scope of your business.

We invest in a local Tech After 5 event in Columbia, SC and are looking to expand to other locations in 2021. We also offer opportunities for consultants and our internal team members on a quarterly basis to connect whether that’s happy hours, which can be virtual, time at TopGolf, or holiday lunches (with a nice steak!). We’ve embraced virtual events to continue to stay connected.

Create events for team members.

Our incredible Consultant Advocate, Tracie Eckenstein, creates events like trivia nights and virtual happy hours to have some fun with a remote workforce. To continue to invest in our consultants, ICAP has also created opportunities to meet with financial advisors to take care of our consultants and team members holistically.

Facilitate one-on-one check-ins or group conference calls with remote team members.

Our Consultant Advocate facilitates conversations on a monthly basis just to continue to get to know them and see if there are problems we can solve alongside them. ICAP also creates opportunities for our leadership team to cast vision to the future and promote trust in the organization.

Are there any strategies you’ve implemented in your business?

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