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Learner in Action
  • Learners love to learn. The topics they choose to study depend on surrounding talents and experiences, but the need for new information is constant.
  • You likely enjoy being on the cutting edge. Individuals with the Learner talent like to understand the most recent discoveries or technologies. The journey from ignorance to competence is energizing and compelling.
  • If you are in a job that doesn’t often require learning new information, find other ways to exercise this talent in your hobbies.

Learner in Careers

  • You will likely enjoy jobs that require some type of technical competence; acquiring a specific skill will energize you.
  • Consider career fields that require an element continuing education. Individuals with the Learner theme need new information regularly to stay engaged in their work.
  • Many college professors or individuals in the education system have Learner talents.
  • You can serve as a change catalyst on your team; as systems or policies are updated, you have the natural talent to learn the information quickly and aid in teaching others.


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