Intentionally Full

I find that when someone talks about how busy they are, it is a bit of a turn off; and I normally make a mental note not to call them again. When an individual brags about their “busyness,” I know one of the three following statements is probably true:

1. Their Achiever talent is turned up too high and the person actually loves the pseudo respect that comes from being so busy.
2. They have not set good boundaries.
3. My friendship or business is not a priority to them.

Webster says the definition of busy is: engaged in action; occupied.

I found several synonyms for busy as well: involved,
employed, working, hard-pressed, swamped, absorbed,
engrossed, immersed, unavailable, overworked.

What is impressive to me, though, is when someone has the self-awareness to be intentional.

They are intentional about their calendar and work to find quality time. They are intentional about relationships and set boundaries around protected time. They are intentional about interactions and will use car time, airport time, or exercise time to catch up. They know their schedule and plan an event a month away to make sure that the meeting is scheduled.

I like the idea that they are “intentionally full.” Priorities, boundaries, relationships, and their calendar are all working to produce a life of intentionality – sounds like a brilliant way to value the important people in your life.

“The battle for our hearts are fought on the pages of our calendars.”  Bob Goff

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