Intellection 3.0

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Intellection in Action

  • You are naturally introspective and enjoy the mental activity of thinking. Not only do you enjoy pondering concepts and philosophies, but time spent thinking refines your ideas. For you, thinking is an act of productivity.
  • Find others who enjoy discussing the same ideas and issues as you. You will be energized by other viewpoints to ponder and the process will sharpen your intellect.
  • Time spent alone in thought is crucial for someone with Intellection. Deliberately build this time into your day.

Intellection in Careers

  • Individuals with Intellection flourish in environments where they are able to share ideas and pose questions.
  • Intellection wants to be able to give substantial thought to an issue before being required to speak on it. A fast-paced environment with pressure to sell would likely be frustrating and cause disengagement for someone with this theme.
  • If you have Intellection in your Top 5, choose a career that challenges you intellectually. Consider talking to editors, theologians, or philosophy professors to see if any of these careers sound like a good fit for you.


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