Individualization 3.0

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Individualization in Action

– You understand that one size does not fit all. You allow people the freedom to operate out of their differences, but you need the freedom to be yourself as well.
– You are at your best when you are appreciated for your unique contributions.
– You naturally understand how people who are different from each other can be strong complementary partners. Use this ability in your work place to develop strong, competent, and diverse teams.

Individualization in Careers

– Careers in which Individualization talents might flourish are teaching, counseling, corporate training, and recruiting. Each must identify uniqueness in individuals and understand how to work with their talents to develop success.
– As a relationship building theme, a satisfying career would likely be one that involves interacting with others.
– An environment with strict overarching policies and procedures may not be a good fit for someone with Individualization, as this theme values customization.


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