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Ideation in Action
  • Individuals with Ideation enjoy turning “normal” upside down to view it from a new and often enlightening angle. These individuals find clarity by studying the abstract.
  • You are energized by your ideas. For this reason, you may become bored quickly. Ensure the time and ability to make even small changes in both work and home life that will keep your mind fresh and creative.
  • Remember that not everyone shares the Ideation talent. You can reduce frustration in meetings by taking the time to finish establishing your thoughts and ideas before communicating them. If others are unable to connect the dots, they may dismiss an idea that has potential.

Ideation in Careers

  • A job that pays you for your ideas would be a great fit for you. Consider careers such as marketing, advertising, journalism, design, strategic planning, and new product development.
  • Positions that require extensive focus on procedures or that have systems in place with little to no room for variation would be draining for you. No matter where you are, your brain will be generating ideas; try to find a career that channels this talent.
  • Even if your current job doesn’t provide much of an outlet for your ideas, talk to your manager about taking on other responsibilities that need a fresh set of ideas. If your manager knows that developing this talent is important to you, they may be willing to help you find opportunities within your current company to grow.


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