How can I help my employees be engaged?

As a manager, you hold the key to helping your employees become engaged. I know you wear a ton of hats, but engagement is certainly one of your responsibilities. No matter what your engagement score is currently, you can turn the tide and grow into a high-performing, continuously engaged team. From Gallup’s research, here are some suggestions:

1. Focus Me – Employees need to know what is expected. Make sure their job descriptions are accurate and include everything you ask your employee to do. Changing their priorities every day can become confusing unless it is specifically spelled out.
2. Know Me – The most powerful way to engage an employee is by knowing them well and placing them in roles where they can succeed.
3. Help Me See My Value – Employees need to know and hear that they are a valued part of the team. Ignoring your employees is a sure fire way of allowing them to feel invisible and not valuable.
4. Free Me From Unnecessary Stress – Give your employees what they need to do their jobs efficiently…printers, staplers, a new software program, QuickBooks training. Do they have what they need to do their job well?  If not, provide the resources.
5. Care About Me – Employees need to know that they are not just a number. Taking an interest in them as people is important.
6. Help Me Grow – All employees need help in being self-aware, self-regulated, and navigating their career path. It is your job to help push them beyond their current thinking.
7. Hear Me – Employees need to know that their input is important. Most desire to make a difference in the environment in which they work.
8. Help Me See My Importance – Employees want to believe in what their employers are doing and where their company and work is heading.
9. Help Me Feel Proud – Employees want to be surrounded by quality teammates and want to respect the work their teammates are doing.
10. Help Me Build Mutual Trust – People would rather build bridges than walls around themselves. Friendship is a great way of doing this.
11. Challenge Me – The need to learn and grow is a natural human instinct. Where there is growth, there is often innovation.

I hope these 11 statements will help you as managers to think about tactics, systems, and processes in order to help your employees engage at a higher level.

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