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Harmony in Action

– Harmony brings a calming presence to any team and helps others understand how to work together productively despite differences of opinion. With the unique ability to see both sides of a situation and find common ground, Harmony tends to be a natural mediator on a team.
– As a relationship-building theme, Harmony values collaboration. It seeks to reach consensus and values emotional stability. Harmony may be unnerved by emotional outbursts or an environment where not everyone is given a voice.

Harmony in Careers

– Though surrounding talents cause Harmony to look different among individuals, often those with Harmony prefer structure and stability. Jobs that require a high level of creativity may be frustrating, since Harmony typically avoids rocking the boat.
– Harmony values practicality. Keep this in mind as you consider potential careers. If Harmony is paired with Analytical, it would likely be successful in a position such as financial planner, tax expert, or statistician. If its surrounding themes are also in the relationship building domain, Harmony would likely thrive in people-oriented career fields.


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