Focus 3.0

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Focus in Action

– You gain the confidence of others through your ability to define goals and see them through to completion.
– Write down your goals and review them often. This exercise will give you a greater sense of control and direction.
– Your talent of Focus serves as a filter; you can quickly evaluate whether or not an action or opportunity moves you towards your goal. You quickly filter out the periphery.
– Extend your goal-setting beyond work and into your personal life. If you find yourself consumed with work, set personal priorities and objectives.

Focus in Careers

– Seek roles that allow you to function independently. Your talents allow you to complete your work with little supervision required.
– You have the ability to maintain concentration for long periods of time; an environment with limited interruptions is where you would thrive. A job that requires a great deal of multi-tasking may frustrate you.
– As an individual with Focus, you would likely find job satisfaction in roles that are fairly structured and predictable. Positions that reward your dependability and follow-through would provide a sense of accomplishment.


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