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Developer in Action
  • Developer sees the potential in all people and possesses natural patience with others. Your goal in relationships is to help individuals grow and experience success.
  • You are always looking for signs of growth in others – no matter how small – and you derive energy and satisfaction from seeing others succeed.
  • While your initial response is to build up others, remember to make a development plan for yourself as well. You also have unique strengths to nurture.

Developer in Careers

  • A career that provides service to people or in which collaboration and relationships is key to success would be a good fit for you.
  • Jobs that would likely energize someone with Developer would be counseling, teaching, speech therapy, coaching, or higher education.
  • Likely, you will be motivated to complete your work because of your relationships with others. Make sure your chosen career field requires a human element. Jobs that don’t provide much interaction with others would be stifling for this talent.


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