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Deliberative in Action
  • Individuals with Deliberative are careful and vigilant with a keen eye for assessing risk. This talent often translates to being a naturally private and reserved person; all aspects of life are weighed with care and consideration.
  • You naturally possess good judgment. When others come to you as a sounding board for ideas, make it clear that your desire to point out risk factors is not meant to block action. Instead, you identify risk in order to control and reduce it. Others will begin to seek out your thoughtful counsel when faced with important decisions.

Deliberative in Careers

  • A grounded perspective is crucial to any team. However, Deliberative talents would be most comfortable in a position that requires mitigating risk.
  • You would likely have a natural aptitude for legal work, constructing sound business deals, or auditing of any kind. Consider the jobs of risk analysts, financial officers, judges, and any work that requires critical and careful thinking.
  • Jobs that would most likely lead to frustration are those that would require an abundance of social interaction or the need for persuasion such as sales.


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