Creating Extraordinary Impact

With the beginning of a new decade, Capitol Staffing is setting new intentions for the next iteration of our business. We want to have extraordinary impact through creating experiences.

You might be wondering why a staffing company is focused on creating experiences. Here’s Why:

“Defining moments rewire our understanding of ourselves or the world.”
Chip and Dan Heath
The Power of Moments

Our consultants thrive on experiences and recognition. Here’s how we’re showing them they matter:

1. Make the first day memorable.
Employee retention doesn’t begin when issues arise. It begins on the first day. Something as simple as balloons or a card with team members’ signatures is meaningful to someone just starting.

2. Make the interview process engaging.
Engaging consultants over an interview process allows them to really feel out the role to make a better decision. It also allows companies to get to know a potential employee much better. Employees are not solely about executing tasks. They also have things they want to contribute to and projects that interest them. Having great data about someone in the hiring process leads to much better decisions.

3. Recognize when the work is done.
According to a Gallup study, only one in three employees in the US strongly agrees that they received recognition or praise for doing good work in the past seven days. Recognition can be a daily practice, which doesn’t always have to show up on a monthly balance sheet. Small, spontaneous moments often create the most impact.


Laura Lewis

Vice President of Capitol Staffing

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