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Context in Action
  • Individuals with Context look to the past to find answers for the present. You see history as a blueprint and after orienting yourself with its data, you feel confident in making decisions.
  • Context has a unique and wise view of the future, because it understands how its seeds were sown in the past. While this information may not be at the top of many people’s minds, use this talent to help others see the whole picture, cause and effect.
  • As a strategic thinking theme, Context needs time to think, read, and research in order to be most effective.

Context in Careers

  • Context is a talent that will serve you well in many types of positions. No matter what role you are in, Context is the lens through which you will analyze information and make decisions.
  • A company or organization with established roots or a long-standing reputation would likely appeal to you; you would be able to research where they came from in order to understand where they are going and personally connect to the mission.
  • Consider positions such as archeologist, historian, museum curator, or humanities professor.

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