Consistency 3.0

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Consistency in Action
  • You have an innate need to treat people the same. You are bothered by some individuals getting unfair advantages over others. In order to protect the balance, you approach life in a consistent, procedural manner.
  • Through your predictability and follow-through, you build trust with those around you in both your personal and professional life.
  • Consistency has an eye for detail. Not only can they identify a breakdown in a system, but they can also pinpoint a job well done and ensure credit is given to those who earned it.

Consistency in Careers

  • You will likely feel most comfortable in work environments that have established regulations, procedures, and policies. This type of framework allows you to be the most efficient and productive.
  • Consistency can be relied upon to minimize confusion and gray area. On a team, they can point out unnecessary customization and improve efficiency in the workplace.
  • Careers that may suit your natural talents are quality assurance, risk management, safety compliance, law enforcement, and human resource analysis.


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