Communication 3.0

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Communication in Action
  • Individuals with the Communication talent are often accustomed to “winging it.” They never had to prepare much for presentations, because they could do a good job off the cuff. However, the way to grow this talent into a profound strength is through practice. Contrary to how it may feel, practicing presentations or speeches allows them to come across even more naturally and therefore create a more effective experience for the audience.

Communication in Careers

  • As a natural story teller, consider careers such as motivational speaking, teaching, public relations, politics, ministry, and corporate training.
  • You have the natural ability to be a spokesperson for an organization. Consider what you are passionate about and channel your talent into those causes – whether for a career or volunteer work.
  • Work environments that do not allow for social interactions throughout the day would likely be draining for you. You derive energy from communicating with other people and bouncing ideas off of them. Individuals with Communication need a sounding board.


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