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Command in Action
  • Individuals with the Command theme desire to take charge. They are comfortable in chaos and are not intimidated by pushing others to align with their plan or conviction. Confrontation does not bother Command, if fact individuals with this theme often seek it out; they believe it is the first step toward arriving at a resolution.
  • Though you are always willing to confront another person, practice the words, tone, and demeanor that will allow for constructive influence. While you possess the natural ability to persuade, a brash approach could cause you a lack of success.

Command in Careers

  • If you are not in a leadership position in your work, hone your Command talents through volunteering on boards or committees for causes you believe in.
  • A large part of the Command talent is its ability to influence. Consider this attribute as you select a position – will it allow you the upward mobility you need?
  • Consider careers in sales, law, and politics or any position requiring the ability to be persuasive.
  • Command is comfortable with “calling the shots” in times of crisis, a valuable talent in many careers. Think about how you can flex this ability in your job, as you will likely perform at your best when faced with resistance.


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