Developer 3.0

Take Quiz Developer in Action Developer sees the potential in all people and possesses natural patience with others. Your goal in relationships is to help individuals grow and experience success. You are always looking for signs of growth in others – no matter how small – and you derive energy and satisfaction from seeing others succeed. […]

Communication 3.0

Take Quiz Communication in Action Individuals with the Communication talent are often accustomed to “winging it.” They never had to prepare much for presentations, because they could do a good job off the cuff. However, the way to grow this talent into a profound strength is through practice. Contrary to how it may feel, practicing presentations […]

Learner 3.0

Take Quiz Learner in Action Learners love to learn. The topics they choose to study depend on surrounding talents and experiences, but the need for new information is constant. You likely enjoy being on the cutting edge. Individuals with the Learner talent like to understand the most recent discoveries or technologies. The journey from ignorance to […]

Analytical 3.0

Take Quiz Analytical in Action You function at your best when you have credible sources on which you can rely. You are able to back your thoughts and opinions with logic and data. You challenge others to be able to identify the objective facts in their ideas. You help identify patterns and connections between the data […]

Achiever 3.0

Take Quiz Achiever in Action Individuals with Achiever are often attracted to goals. Hone this natural tendency by taking the time to define clear and relevant objectives for yourself – both professionally and personally. Achievers work hard and appear tireless compared to others; but, they still need their rest. If you manage someone with Achiever, […]

Adaptability 3.0

Take Quiz Adaptability in Action The strength of the Adaptability theme is the ability to calmly respond to sudden change. Instead of becoming frustrated by such circumstances, you expect them. Your ability to be responsive under pressure is valuable. While others may freeze up due to the unexpected, you retain clarity of thought. As a […]

Activator 3.0

Take Quiz Activator in Action You create motion. On a team or in a meeting, you are the go-to person to put actions behind plans and kickstart ideas. You see “doing” and “thinking” as synonymous. Whether or not your decision turns out to be a good one, you know you will learn from it and […]

Responsibility 3.0

Take Quiz Responsibility in Action Individuals with Responsibility take psychological ownership of what they say they will do. Their conscientiousness and drive to “do things right” make people with this theme incredibly dependable. Put yourself out there to take on responsibilities that may seem just outside of your experience. You have the natural talent to […]

Significance 3.0

Take Quiz Significance in Action The theme of Significance is a driver – a driver toward success and away from mediocrity. By nature, Significance is independent. It flourishes when it is able to chart its own course and earn a reputation of quality. As an influencing theme, it needs people, projects, or ideas to push […]

Strategic 3.0

Take Quiz Strategic in Action Strategic has the natural ability to sort through clutter and dead end paths to find the best route forward. This skill is a way of thinking, not something that can be taught. What may seem to be an overly complex issue to some, is simply a pattern to be recognized for someone […]