Seminar: The Four Needs of Followers

We are thrilled you’re joining us for our Four Week Seminar: Building or Breaking? Four Basic Needs of Followers We hope you enjoy the seminar! Click the link here for your 1st worksheet: Build or Breaking?   Upcoming Dates to be Aware of: April 2 April 9 April 16 If you have any impediments or questions, […]

What CliftonStrengths Doesn’t Show You

Often, people treat a CliftonStrengths assessment like a magic wand.  They want me to wave the wand and make people more engaged or less of a pain or a better spouse. The assessment does many things; but, there are some gaps that it cannot answer. 

Context 3.0

Take Quiz Context in Action Individuals with Context look to the past to find answers for the present. You see history as a blueprint and after orienting yourself with its data, you feel confident in making decisions. Context has a unique and wise view of the future, because it understands how its seeds were sown […]

Consistency 3.0

Take Quiz Consistency in Action You have an innate need to treat people the same. You are bothered by some individuals getting unfair advantages over others. In order to protect the balance, you approach life in a consistent, procedural manner. Through your predictability and follow-through, you build trust with those around you in both your personal and […]

Includer 3.0


Take Quiz Includer in Action The Includer talent helps others understand that developing an appreciation of others comes through shared experiences. You want people to feel a part of something and are frustrated by exclusive circles. You feel that all people should have access to a support system. Your acceptance of others isn’t based on an appreciation of individual […]

Belief 3.0

Take Quiz Belief in Action Individuals with Belief have steadfast values. While the nature of the values can vary from person to person, the Belief talent has high ethics standards and a sense of responsibility. Your values establish your priorities and give your life meaning and satisfaction. Chances are, you view success as being larger than money and prestige. […]

Connectedness 3.0

Take Quiz Connectedness in Action Connectedness sees the link in all things. This perspective creates a sense that we are all responsible for our part of the bigger picture – to exploit others is to harm all, including yourself. This intrinsic awareness is the foundation of your value system. You see humanity as being unity. As […]

Command 3.0

Take Quiz Command in Action Individuals with the Command theme desire to take charge. They are comfortable in chaos and are not intimidated by pushing others to align with their plan or conviction. Confrontation does not bother Command, if fact individuals with this theme often seek it out; they believe it is the first step […]

Ideation 3.0

Take Quiz Ideation in Action Individuals with Ideation enjoy turning “normal” upside down to view it from a new and often enlightening angle. These individuals find clarity by studying the abstract. You are energized by your ideas. For this reason, you may become bored quickly. Ensure the time and ability to make even small changes in both […]

Deliberative 3.0

Take Quiz Deliberative in Action Individuals with Deliberative are careful and vigilant with a keen eye for assessing risk. This talent often translates to being a naturally private and reserved person; all aspects of life are weighed with care and consideration. You naturally possess good judgment. When others come to you as a sounding board for ideas, […]