No Crystal Ball – Principles for Disaster Recovery

The #COVID19 pandemic highlighted significant gaps businesses face in predicting disasters. Though we wouldn’t advise using a crystal ball, businesses and organizations need some methodology or framework to prepare for a disaster, the future, and the evolution of ‘business as usual.’ In 17 years partnering with clients, ICAP uses FIVE basic principles to guide disaster […]

Selecting a COTS System?

If you’re selecting a piece of technology to further automate your business processes, we’ve got a few suggestions based on our experience with clients: 1. Ensure your manual processes are documented well. In order to properly ascertain whether the software solves a problem, business processes must be documented to the fullest extent within the organization. […]

Hiring Amongst High Unemployment

As organizations and companies begin to stabilize (hopefully) soon, hiring practices may shift and change. Lots may be hiring remotely with most adapting to the weird time we’re collectively in. You also might be under an avalanche of resumes. A couple core principles in hiring principles we’re reflecting on right now are below: Weed Out […]

Cheering You On

2020 has been quite a year, hasn’t it? Who knew that ‘murder hornets’ wouldn’t make the top 3 concerns for Americans right now? 2020 did. You might find yourselves asking, why are we talking about murder hornets? Well, that’s a good question. I bring it up because I think it speaks to how businesses are […]

Back to Normal? Bringing the Uncertainty Along

As South Carolina and states around the country slowly reopens to go back to work, ICAP has noticed a few things we’re bringing back with us. We’d like to share those observations and share some solutions below. Team members and employees are likely bringing lots of uncertainty back into the workplace This is not the […]

Returning to Work – Here’s How We’re Handling It

As things are changing in South Carolina and other states around the country, ICAP is returning to work soon. I know this may not apply to other companies, but I wanted to pass some data along and let you know what ICAP’s roadmap is. We’re doing a few things to promote customer and team member health, […]

Maintaining Connection to a Remote Workforce

At ICAP, our business relies on a remote workforce. As a staffing company, our philosophy revolves around service: service to our clients, to our consultants, and to the end-user. With a remote workforce, intentionality creates trust and open communication, which can be challenging for organizations. ICAP created different ways to remain connected. We’ve curated a […]

Remote Interview for Job Seekers

We do a lot of recruiting, vetting, and hiring for clients all over the country. We’ve employed a couple of different strategies to prepare candidates for interviews. We compiled these to share with you because everyone deserves a shot to get closer to their goals, land their dream job, and land at a company they […]

Remote Hiring: Takeaways and Suggestions

As 2020 dawned, we at ICAP were exploring remote work and remote interviewing. We work with clients all over the country and we’ve utilized some of these tactics before and we wanted to share it. ICAP put together some key takeaways for remote hiring in this context or if this makes sense to implement for […]

3 Tips for Working with Recruiters During Your Job Hunt

If you’re an IT professional, recruiters call you. Email you. Even text you. Anytime a job opens with your skill set, you get lots of notifications. Recruiters and staffing companies serve a purpose in the marketplace. They can open doors and have deep ties to great companies. We know. We are one. A couple of […]


ICAP is excited to offer a NEW Candidate Referral Bonus Program beginning in 2024!
A $1000 bonus will be paid to anyone who refers a candidate who is subsequently placed via Intellectual Capitol. Alternatively, in lieu of the bonus paid to you, ICAP can contribute $1,000 to a charity of your choice. 
Want to learn more? Or have someone in mind to refer for an open position?

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