The #1 Question We Get Asked In An Interview

Over the last 90 days, I have interviewed about 30 people. Interviewing is super fun to me. I am just generally curious about humans. I love to learn about others and dive into what makes each person unique, yet quirky at the same time.  Over the past 15 years, we have worked to refine our […]

What did you NOT learn in kindergarten?

Once, when working with a team, the group could not finish a conversation without interrupting each other. I mean EVERYONE on the team kept interrupting. They acted like a bunch of kindergarteners. “Look at me!” “Listen to me!” I almost expected them to start jumping up and down when they couldn’t have a turn.   The tendency to interrupt others […]

The Blame Game – Which side are you on?

  *You left the stove on too high and now your meal is burnt.  *You slipped going down your front steps because they were iced over. *You were late coming home from work because you ran into a friend at the grocery store.      When something like the above occurs, what is your first […]

Are you asking good questions?

  Have you ever been given unsolicited advice? How did it help you? Did it make you feel annoyed or stupid?         In the last 5 years, I have seen this annoyance show up randomly as I work with various clients.  It seems to stem from those with an honest desire to […]

Are you asking yourself the tough questions?

            I am a personality junkie.  Leading with the Clifton StrengthsFinder talent of Empathy, I am fascinated with the madness, gladness and sadness of humanity. I love studying what makes people “tick”, how they are wired to process information, and how they go about building relationships with others. I know […]

Are you a good receiver?

        For Christmas this year, I started a new tradition.  At the first of December, I made a pact with myself to drop off one gift every day for 12 days.  The gifts did not need to be expensive, but they had to be thoughtful. Something not wasteful, not frivolous, but gifts […]

Are you a BOTH/AND type of person?

For the last couple of years, I have noticed a trend in the workforce.  I especially notice it when the individual is low in the CliftonStrengths talent of Harmony.  Here is what I am observing:  A manager is sitting in a Senior Management meeting and she is upset at her team.  She spends time being […]

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek…

15 years ago while sitting at Soby’s, my husband and I made a brave and equally stupid decision.  We decided to start our own business. In 2003, the United States economy was slowly recovering from the latest 10 year recession. We launched ICAP with the backing of two close friends and we had about $80.00 […]

Will the real problem please stand up?

Brene Brown’s new book “Dare to Lead” just hit the shelves and I am currently on a plane to go hear her speak for the first time. As I was reading and trying to take all of the information in this morning, I ran across an interesting quote and wanted to share.      Brown discusses […]

Do you know the formula for trust?

     I recently worked with a couple who needed guidance navigating through an issue that had recently arisen in their marriage.  I took them through a CliftonStrengths session and identified their top 5 talents and used their talents to identify how their basement and balconies were impacting their marriage. Everything was going well until we […]