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Arranger in Action

  • Arranger is the only multitasking talent; it has the unique ability to juggle many activities at once. Arranger takes things as they come and configures all the variables in a way that functions best.
  • Others may see your frequent change of plans as a frequent change of priorities. Clarify when your priorities remain constant, but you are simply seeking the best route for implementation. Explaining your logic will keep others from becoming frustrated, especially those with talents that prefer routine and consistency.

Arranger in Careers

  • Arranger needs a dynamic environment where revamping and redirecting is necessary rather than a nuisance. Jobs built around routine and structure would likely feel stifling to someone with high Arranger.
  • Event planning is a career that Arranger would naturally excel in. Other jobs that may be a good fit are travel agents, human resource directors, city planners and managers, or case workers.
  • Any field that requires the “arrangement” of many moving parts would allow someone with Arranger to utilize their talents every day.


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