Are you FOUR people or FOR people?

Last week, I was coaching a four person. You know the type. They do the work of FOUR people. High Achiever and Responsibility talents; productivity is their forte. They are an individual contributor on the team. Solid, hard-working, and most of the time, well-respected because of what they can produce.

Often, these people are promoted to management positions and problems begin to arise. Their FOUR needs to be turned into FOR. FOR people and FOR their employees and FOR the processes and materials that the human capital on their team needs. They often have a hard time flipping the switch. They expect to still be a FOUR person and get frustrated and bogged down and irritated that their subordinates appear lazy and can’t produce the amount of work THEY can produce.

My goal in coaching is to develop them into a FOR person. What does it look like to allow your employees to produce less than you as long as they are still productive? What would happen if they executed their job in a way that was energizing to them but different from you? How are you helping them creatively do their jobs while not micromanaging them or the process? Do you give them helpful encouragement when they finish or complete a task on a regular basis?

All of these questions help to build some self-correcting habits that can begin to turn your FOUR into a FOR. The success of your management position depends on it.

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