Are you comfortable with the human side of you?

We meet people in our coaching practice who are very comfortable with how great they are. They have no problem telling you or others what they excel in, but when we pull out the basement and balcony exercise, their physical appearance starts to change.We find that most people are not surprised by the results, only that the results could actually be true. For some, this is their first “AHA” moment of self-awareness.

When we can affirmatively answer, “I know who I am, I know who I am not, and I am OK with both,” we as people begin to grow. Great freedom exists in letting go of false pretenses. Growth for all of us begins when we become real.

If you are interested in starting this journey, here are some ways to get started:
1. Start by taking a StrengthsFinder assessment here.
2. Print out the basement and balcony list found here and underline words that describe how you may be both positively and negatively perceived.
3. Print out the Strengths Insight Guide located under Reports at and highlight words that make you strong.
4. Consider investing in a coach to help you grow your self-awareness.

Becoming comfortable with the human side of you could be the key to your next phase of personal growth.

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