Are you asking yourself the tough questions?

            I am a personality junkie.  Leading with the Clifton StrengthsFinder talent of Empathy, I am fascinated with the madness, gladness and sadness of humanity. I love studying what makes people “tick”, how they are wired to process information, and how they go about building relationships with others. I know my Top 34 Strengths, my Enneagram number (2w.3), my DISC profile (IDSC), my Entrepreneur BP-10,  and my Myers-Briggs results.  I have taken Sales Profile assessments, Kolbie assessments, and the Spiritual Gifts test.  On this quest to understand other people, I have found some very helpful and self-correcting information about myself as well.
      Author Zora Neale Hurston has a quote in her novel Their Eyes Were Watching God that says, “There are years that ask questions and years that answer.”  For me, the last 5 years have been answering years, but I, like many of you I’m sure, have had my share of questioning years. I think it is important to remember that it is EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY for all of us to take a moment and ask ourselves some hard questions.  I want to challenge all of you to spend some time in the month of January processing who you are and what your motives are.  If we don’t know our motivations and the stories or lies we are telling ourselves, how can we ever grow past them?  We can change, readjust, self-correct, and we don’t have to live stuck…repeating the same old habits year after year.  Consider these questions when you have time to sit and reflect for a moment:
Are you giving life to others or just yourself?
Are you creating a positive impact on others?
Do you understand where your anger is coming from?
Which of your Strengths are turned up too high?
Are you practicing a Sabbath weekly? If not, why?
What Strength needs to sit in the backseat sometimes?
What is motivating you to be unregulated?
Do you know your values and are you able to live them out daily?
      In 2019, we have created an Executive Coaching platform that uses 4 different assessments that allow you to spend some time thinking about the questions above. If you are interested in learning more about our available sessions, please visit us at!

Traci Newkirk 
Chief Team Developer

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