Analytical 3.0

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Analytical in Action
  • You function at your best when you have credible sources on which you can rely. You are able to back your thoughts and opinions with logic and data.
  • You challenge others to be able to identify the objective facts in their ideas. You help identify patterns and connections between the data points.
  • People will begin to rely on your ability to point out unfounded or unrefined ways of thinking. However, be gentle in your communication style, as people may not receive your contribution if it is delivered too harshly.

Analytical in Careers

  • Jobs that involve analyzing data, finding patterns in research, or risk management would likely be fulfilling for you. Consider careers in marketing, finance, medical research, or risk analysis.
  • Jobs that require you to speak off the cuff or make decisions quickly may be frustrating for you, as you thrive when you are able to collect the data and facts before addressing a situation.
  • Individuals with Analytical naturally ask specific and strong questions. Use this ability to research jobs that may be of interest to you. You will be able to pinpoint the evidence you are looking for.


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