Create Safety in Chaos

In reading Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020 (click here to download), we were struck by the third implication: “increasing agility.”

Obviously, digital transformation and technological innovation will never go away. As we’re talking about digital transformation, it’s not a buzzword or something that only tech people say. It’s about business strategy and whether companies are able to remove their own impediments.

Faulty processes. Outdated systems. Old technology.

Which AI or automation isn’t going to fix by the way.

You can make technology faster and shinier. It still might not solve your problem.

Because Gartner will tell you or your friendly Agile Project Manager, digital transformation projects are complex and complicated:

  • Just 7% of companies have already fully implemented their digital first approach and are in the maintenance phase.
  • Only 58% of organizations fully understand the value of project management.
  • 45% of executives don’t think their company has the right technology to implement digital transformation.

Before you begin furiously emailing your team about beginning digital transformation, make sure you avoid these three pitfalls for your digital transformation project:

  • Ensure executive and program management support (70% of digital transformation projects fail due to resistance from employees)
  • Get clear on what’s necessary and what’s wishful thinking
    • In other words, don’t derail a project based on the placement of a button
    • Anything can be cleaned up, but don’t waste time and resources on something that doesn’t affect the business at large
  • Don’t outsmart the framework. Embrace it.
    • You are voluntarily emptying your organization of deadweight and rebuilding it. That can take quite a toll on your team and organization.
    • The framework is there to create continual patterns of communication. The best Agile projects can create safety in the chaos.


Warm Regards,

Capitol Software Team

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