Adaptability 3.0

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Adaptability in Action

  • The strength of the Adaptability theme is the ability to calmly respond to sudden change. Instead of becoming frustrated by such circumstances, you expect them.
  • Your ability to be responsive under pressure is valuable. While others may freeze up due to the unexpected, you retain clarity of thought.
  • As a relationship building theme, Adaptability draws others in with its ability to go with the flow. People enjoy spending time with individuals who do not feel the need to insist their own way.

Adaptability in Careers

  • Careers that involve a constant change of circumstances would allow your Adaptability talent to flourish. Consider jobs in journalism, live television production, emergency healthcare, and customer service.
  • Avoid careers known for requiring structure and predictability. Such an environment would likely cause frustration and feel like a poor fit for your personality.
  • If you struggle to establish career goals, get ideas from individuals with Focus, Strategic, or Belief. They can help provide a framework into which you can add your own variations.


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