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Activator in Action

  • You create motion. On a team or in a meeting, you are the go-to person to put actions behind plans and kickstart ideas.
  • You see “doing” and “thinking” as synonymous. Whether or not your decision turns out to be a good one, you know you will learn from it and move on to make better decisions in the future. You understand that one cannot know until they try.
  • In order to maximize your influencing talent, dedicate a moment to explaining your purpose so others can get on board.

Activator in Careers

  • Individuals with Activator are needed when it’s time to launch an idea. Because of this ability, people with Activator often make great entrepreneurs. Consider starting your own business to allow this influencing talent to reach new heights (take Gallup’s Builder Profile assessment to see which entrepreneurial strengths you possess).
  • Activator would likely thrive in any position that is action-oriented. If a company or team values quick decision-making, you are a perfect fit. Slow-paced jobs that require an analytical approach may be frustrating for you.


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