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Achiever in Action
  • Individuals with Achiever are often attracted to goals. Hone this natural tendency by taking the time to define clear and relevant objectives for yourself – both professionally and personally.
  • Achievers work hard and appear tireless compared to others; but, they still need their rest. If you manage someone with Achiever, help them set boundaries so they aren’t regularly working late or coming in early. Even individuals with Achiever can experience burnout.

Achiever in Careers

  • What makes an Achiever special is their intrinsic motivation to succeed despite circumstances. This characteristic is valuable in any career.
  • Because¬†you will always be achieving, seek a work environment that rewards hard work with tangible incentives.
  • Surround yourself with hard workers. A high-achieving environment will bring out your best. In contrast, being in an environment that is comfortable with mediocrity or has a slow workflow would be frustrating for you.


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