A send-off

Three years ago this month, a little Clemson grad started work at ICAP. She was fresh out of college, unsure of herself, and unsure of her abilities. She was thrown into the world of staffing, learning about pay rates, hiring agreements, sourcing, and the world of IT, and it was all very overwhelming. After testing her and watching her work, we moved her to an area we thought she could flourish. And flourish she did.

In her first 90 days, she created a website and an email campaign from scratch. She watched YouTube videos every week to train herself on the depth of StrengthsFinder without ever attending a class. She created surveys and prepped materials for large teams and learned how to bid out our time so we could become profitable. She learned to create and edit resumes, managed a website rebuild project, and learned how to respond to government bids. All of this while caring about profitability by saving coupons and cutting costs. She planned parties, created invitations, and looked over my shoulder on many events to make sure I was dotting my Is and crossing my Ts.

And I learned to trust someone who had my best interest at heart as well as the best interest of our company. We are so thankful that God allowed us to have Jensen these last three years. While we always knew she was a transitional employee, somehow, she became a transformational one as well.

We launch her today excited for her future and thankful for all she created and modified to make us better. I will miss many things about her but honestly, I will miss most her belief in me and her smile that always cheered me on right before I stepped out to speak. Go forth, Jensen, and do big things. ICAP and unSTUCK are cheering for you.

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