3 Healthy Ways to Acknowledge Your Weaknesses

I was listening to a podcast the other day and came across a quote that stopped me in my tracks. “Weakness isn’t something you ‘get out,’ it is something you acknowledge.” I love this quote so much because of its implications. To acknowledge our weaknesses requires several things:

1. Self-awareness. Who are you really? Do you live with a false sense of self and a projection of who you want to be? Or are you satisfied with who you are and what you are not? There is a peace and a calmness that takes over a person when they stop pretending to be something they are not. The imposter syndrome can be put to bed.

2. Decrease the perfection mindset. How many selfies does it take before you finally find the right one? Are you able to say “no” at appropriate times? Are you constantly on the performance treadmill? When you acknowledge your weaknesses, you can say “no” without excuses and feel peace about your decisions. Your need to impress others diminishes.

3. Make strengths your focus. Realizing where you are most effective and leaning into that area promotes success, passion, and excellence. We stop obsessing over what we are not and instead strengthen ourselves in areas that will drive the most growth.

Weakness-fixing is exhausting. Unfortunately, we live in a culture of it, especially in the workplace. If we can learn to work around weaknesses in the way that we hire and delegate tasks, we can spend our time working on what we are best at and investing in those areas. Perhaps that next promotion will come along a lot sooner.

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