Technology Assessment

 Technology Assessment

Strategy and Planning

ICAP serves as a Trusted Partner in System Modernization Projects. We take a ‘deep dive’ viewpoint into the Technical, Program and People areas of your projects.

If you are considering Business Process Re-Engineering, Requirements Gathering, Enterprise IT Strategy, Technology Architecture Modernization, Procurement Support, or other areas of impact, ICAP’s Senior Consultants deliver insight into best practices and help you guide your own specific modernization efforts.

Business Process Reengineering

Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) is the cornerstone of any enterprise level modernization effort. ICAP works alongside you and your team to develop new approaches to Talent/Resource Management, Service Delivery, Fiscal/Financial Controls, Workflow Modernization and Alignment will maximize the value of your program modernization investments.

Requirements Gathering

Thorough, well-defined, and well-documented business and technical requirements set the stage for a well-executed modernization project. ICAP has the people you’ll partner with to share knowledge, experiences, and best of breed tools to build alignment and excitement on requirements that will launch your project correctly the first time.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is an often overlooked but key opportunity for you to see measurable program efficiencies, interoperability and streamlined workflow for your internal staff. EA has been proven itself by breaking down Program Area Silos through a centralized governance structure, mutually shared environments and common data structures.

Procurement Support

The selection of outside partners/consultants/software companies/consulting firms for your modernization project is critical to the success of your project. ICAP assures that you follow a process that supports solid decisions and delivers excellent, success based contracts.