ICAP Performs to:

  •  Personally know and understand the needs and wants of each client in detail.
  •  Individually know each employee and candidate, treating him or her with dignity and respect at all times.
  • Provide world-class service, enabling our clients to maximize their profitability and service to our clients’ customers through proper selection and deployment of personnel.
  •  Always be a leader in the staffing/placement industry, maintaining high standards and conducting business in a highly ethical and professional manner.
  •  Relentlessly improve our operations and regularly add innovation and vision to our service offerings. Our goal is the continued enhancement of our clients’ organizations and to improve the life of our employees/candidates and their families.
  •  Be an organization that is recognized as a symbol of generosity and service within the communities that we serve.

 ICAP matches premium positions with premium candidates. We do our best to find positions needing to be filled for quality technology, sales, and healthcare professionals.

In my previous position as Vice President of Public Sector Business Development, I had worked with Barry Newkirk, Director of Business Development, for ICAP Solutions. As a valued partner, I had come to greatly respect Barry and the capabilities of ICAP. When my position was eliminated the first person I contacted was Barry. I am so appreciative for the time and effort that was afforded my job search efforts. I could provide a myriad of wonderful statements about ICAP; however I will leave it to my greatest impression – they care. Needless to say I would highly recommend ICAP.Keith Werner
I know that using ICAP gave me the needed support in finding the right career move. I was interviewing with a number of companies in the area, but ICAP opened a door with a company that I hadn’t thought of. This company had an opening for an outside salesperson that wasn’t advertised anywhere. ICAP’s contacts in the business community allowed me to get an interview, and then the position was offered.Tim Howard
I was assisted by ICAP in the later part of last year, and have to say that the experience was superb. Even though my visit was slightly unexpected, they made the time to visit with me to discuss my current job search situation in a personal and professional demeanor that made me feel they were partnered with me in my search. By the time I left the office that day, I had several prospects and contacts, one of which led to my current employer, which has turned out to be a wonderful experience for me. I would recommend ICAP to anyone interested in pursuing a new career at any level.Aaron hudson